Mail Handling & Forwarding Services

A stuffed-full mailbox is a sure sign of an unattended property and poses a security risk.

Besides that it is not a pleasant task to plow through all your received mail and commercial leave-lets when visiting your property after a long time and for sure you would not want to confront your property guests with a pile of post.

Our service will also spare you from unpleasant surprises like forgotten or unexpected bills. A high water bill may indicate a leakage that might not be noticed visually and could cause an exorbitant amount to pay when discovered. A big water leakage that goes unnoticed for a few months could easily result into a 20.000 Euro bill!

We can provide you with a tailored offer in case you want to combine the services we offer on a frequent basis, just contact use to schedule a free visit.

For mail handling and forwarding we can offer you various options:

  • Sorting and storing the received post in your desired location.
  • Re-pack and forward received post to your preferred address.
  • Scan and forward received documents by email.
  • Any combination from above.

You could combine mail handling and forwarding with a security, or any other scheduled visit to keep costs low.

In case the scheduled visit or job takes more then one hour, the 35 Euro per hour rate will apply. Courier- and/or postal fees will be charged separately.